Equine Assisted Learning

Mount Moriah Stables is a leader in the field of Equine Assisted Learning and is one of the few facilities in Colorado offering the high caliber of professionalism and experience that we provide to our clients.  We apply experiential learning to encourage life skills and character development to support positive emotional, mental, behavioral and social skills for those who may be at risk or have special issues.

Equine Assisted Therapy

We work with therapists, counselors, educators and other mental health professionals bringing people and horses together in a form of experiential therapy to help meet the client’s therapeutic goals. 

Basic Horsemanship and Ground Skills

The Basic Horsemanship and Ground Skills taught at Mount Moriah Stables introduces the student to the horse world through basic hands-on fun. Students learn to build a relationship with their horse through games, obstacle courses and simple horsemanship activities. These activities educate and transform students, promote positive character development, and teach skills they can use in their everyday lives. Each student’s program is designed around their individual goals and needs. Below are descriptions of some of our activities.

Meet and Greet Horse:  Learn how horses non-verbally communicate using body language and energy.

Grooming and Brushing:  Through touch and emotional engagement, students build security and trust for both horse and self.

Haltering and Leading with Intent:  Develop physical and emotional awareness, learn to set boundaries, build positive and effective communication skills and discover types of leadership.

Round Pen:  Discover how your energy can  positively influence a horse to build respect and instill leadership qualities.

Ground Driving and Lunging:  Communicate from a distance and build mutual understanding in preparation for riding.

Riding Lessons

Riding teaches emotional control, patience and forgiveness for both the horse and the student.  Nothing is perfect in riding and the student learns to forgive mistakes and appreciate what is really important. Students benefit physically and emotionally from riding and experience a unique sense of achievement with their horse.

Riding Bareback and With a Saddle:  Learn the equipment and how to tack up the horse.  Experience how a horse moves while developing body awareness, coordination, balance and breath.

Mounting and Dismounting:  Learn safe procedures for mounting and dismounting.

Walk, Halt, Turn, and Backing:  Directing a horse from its back takes patience and effective communication.  Riding builds core strength and improves posture.

Riding the Trot:  Learning to sit the trot while directing the horse requires focus and brings together all the elements learned above.

Obstacle courses: Exercises are designed to incorporate the whole body in a flow of communication with the horse, all while having fun.


Mount Moriah Stables is a private, family-owned, self-care facility located in rural Broomfield, Colorado.  Situated in a peaceful setting, the facility is surrounded by grassy fields, near equestrian trails and McKay Lake for pleasure and trail riding.  We have a strong code of ethics, based first on our faith, and we continually endeavor to provide a peaceful, healing environment for both mankind and horses alike.

Using a co-op method with a rotational schedule, each horse owner is personally involved in the care of the horses.  Owners participate in a feeding/cleaning co-op, each providing one day a week and one weekend every four weeks of barn coverage - almost like full-care! 

The horse owners are true horse lovers from all disciplines and varying degrees of experience.  They each have varying backgrounds in equine education and experience ranging from certifications in Equine Facilitated Mental Health and Learning (EFMHL), riding instructors, licensed counselors experienced in equine therapies, equine massage therapy, trail and endurance experience, penning and sorting, and reining competitors.  When all is combined, we provide over 100 years of experience from which we willingly share with everyone.

For more information, contact us at:

email:   debra@mtmoriahstables.com

Phone:  303-667-1883