The horse owners are true horse lovers from all disciplines and varying degrees of experience.  They each have varying backgrounds in equine education and experience ranging from certifications in Equine Facilitated Mental Health and Learning (EFMHL), riding instructors, licensed counselors experienced in equine therapies, equine massage therapy, trail and endurance experience, penning and sorting, and reining competitors.  When all is combined, we provide over 100 years of experience from which we willingly share with everyone.


Mount Moriah Stables is a private, family-owned, self-care facility located in rural Broomfield, CO.   Situated in a peaceful setting, the facility is surrounded by grassy fields, near equestrian trails and McKay Lake for pleasure and trail riding.  We have a strong code of ethics, based first on our faith, and we continually endeavor to provide a peaceful, healing environment for both mankind and horses alike.

Utilizing a co-op method with a rotational schedule, each horse owner is personally involved in the care of the horses.  Owners participate in a feeding/cleaning co-op, each providing one day a week and one weekend every four weeks of barn coverage - almost like full-care! 


  • Owner on site
  • Fully-insured for Care, Custody and Control
  • Horse barn with six 12 x 12 covered stalls with 12 x 60-foot welded steel runs and stall mats
  • Heated, automatic 15 gallon waterers
  • Feeding three times per day
  • Secure tack room
  • Stalls and runs are cleaned daily


  • Enclosed hay and feed storage
  • 100 x 300-foot groomed outdoor arena

  • Round pen
  • Fenced pasture for turn-out at no extra charge
  • Close to equestrian trails
  • Well-lighted facility utilizing solar energy
  • Occasional events and clinics
  • Optional participation in EFMHL