Basic Horsemanship and Ground Skills

The Basic Horsemanship and Ground Skills taught at Mount Moriah Stables combines a student’s love for horses with knowledge they learn through specific activities.  These activities are designed to provide an understanding of a horse’s unique nature and how we can communicate with them. 

This essential foundation leads to real connection, mutual trust, and a deeper enjoyment of the horse.  With this foundation in place, students can continue to build a deeper relationship with the horse resulting in greater pleasure for both horse and rider.

We begin by teaching the basic and most essential keys to a successful connection with horses, that is, understanding how horses form relationships and communicate in their natural world.  This begins on the ground and face to face with your horse.

Spending time on the ground with your horse provides a true one-on-one basis from which a mutually respectful relationship and true partnership can be built. . This time is often overlooked by many riding programs where students are immediately placed on the back of a horse and taught how to look good in shows or competition.  We have found that many of these experienced riders never truly felt connected with the horses.